Frequently asked questions and Terms

By placing an order with Patisserie a Legna, either through our website, email, or by any other medium you are agreeing to the terms below. 

Pre-Designed and New Design:

- Our cakes charges not only based on size, but cake design.


- Prices vary according to decoration, degree of difficulty in design and details, etc.


- Choosing existing design saves our communication cost and design fee, therefore, pre-design items charge relatively low in price.


- For customers who is choosing existing designs, please ask for price range/ quote individually.


- We love new designs, for customers request for a new design or design modification, please be reminded that design fee applies(minimum $2000/design).(not recommended for urgent orders less than 4months ahead)


- NEW DESIGNS / design modifications will be quoted differently depends on the number of times of DESIGN MODIFICATION, DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY in design and DETAILS, etc. A final quote will be provided AFTER the cake design process.

(Our “New designs” will be in the same style with our existing elegant designs, for any other cake style, eg. Figurines/ cartoons/ novelty cake etc. Please ask before deposit, we might not able to take your order)


***FREE HAND PRICE- For client who don’t need a design sketch (99% of our client’s choice)

- You can get a new/ modified cake with lower design fee.

- Our designer will play with your 1-off direction (as much information and directions you gave us at one time) we will pick the best combination of elements within your direction, design and finish the cake without any design draft submission.


- As the best finished cake usually changes along the way, design ideas are just a guide. Also, it is better not to be fixed by a design sketch.


- Quote depends on the degree of difficulty in design details and basic design fee only.


Unless a special request (extra fee applies) we DO NOT provide any design sketches for client’s approval.


*** For clients who need a design sketch (extra fees per sketch)

- We can provide 1-3 (maximum) designs with sketches. (1-2 designs for urgent orders, orders confirmed within 4 months)

- Please provide all related information/ confirmed stationary design/ backdrop/ setting design/ reference images and your thoughts. We are more than happy to design or modify our cakes for your special day.

- Number of times of design modification will affect the final quote.

- After we provide a design sketch, if you have any comments, kindly reply in 3 days with clear comments and directions.

- Sketches and past project images for reference only, design alters as per practical conditions.

- In case that we cannot reach a consensus on the final cake design after 3 times of design modification, unfortunately, we afraid that we are not able to satisfy your needs. We will charge $3000 design and administration fee, return the rest of the deposit and CANCEL the order. (These are rare cases as most people choose us because they like our designs.)



Secure the Date and Decide later

- We take VERY limited orders every week, to avoid disappointment, please secure your date with a deposit.

- For those who are not sure if they want to confirm the cake design now (once it is confirmed, design cannot be changed or modified) They can secure the date with a deposit and start the design process/ confirm the cake design two- four months before the event date, when they have the rest of their decoration, venues and flowers organized.

- The amount of deposit depends on the item/ size/ quantity etc. (Items stands for: wedding cake, party cake /number of tiers, cupcakes,cakepops, cookies/ quantity etc.)

- This will determine how many working days we have to reserve for your order. Therefore, it is not possible to delete the item/ downgrade the size of cake, or else, part of the deposit will be forfeited.

- It is not recommended to add new items/ upgrade cake size later. If this is the case, please let us know as soon as possible, we will try to accommodate the upgrade as long as our kitchen is still available for it.

Deposit Policy

To secure the date, a non-refundable deposit ($3000- $10000 depends on item) are required.

For existing designs, please confirm the design at least 2 months prior to the event date.

For New designs, please confirm the design at least 4 months prior to the event date.

Please deposit the outstanding balance within 3 days after design finalization.

Please deposit the amount (full payment/ deposit/ outstanding balance) in 3 days after the invoice or the payment note was issued, or the order may cancel without notice.


Deposits are non-refundable. In very unusual circumstances that Patisserie a Legna has to cancel the your order for any reason not due to the customer, we will give you as much notice as possible and we will refund the amounts paid so far. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused.

Urgent orders within 2 months

For urgent orders within 2 months, only cakes in Existing designs/ Minor adjustment are available. (Please see our facebook albums for existing designs) (In some case, "Free hand design" are okay too, please let us know your original thoughts)


Cake portion size

For your reference, our suggested cake portion size is 1" x 1" x 3"~ 4"(~ 2oz), if you think it is more delightful to have larger cake slices, please feel free to ask your venue coordinator to cut it as large as you wish :)

Please click for our cutting guide

Cake flavour

You can choose one flavour per order. Please click for our cake flavour list.

If we cannot receive your cake flavour choice one month prior to the event date. we will pick a popular flavour for you without further notice.


Ponits to be noted before consume

- Do Not Refrigerate before consume.

- Cakes are made to be consumed in 12 hours after pick up/ delivery.

- Refer to our cutting chart to estimate serving size and portion.

- Remove any decorative sugar items and ribbons etc.(as a keepsake, gently remove all cake crumbs and air dry, they can be kept up to 1-3 years in a sealed glass box without direct sun light and moisture. )

- (For tier cake) remove structural items

- Remove the outer sugar paste layer. (Especially for those who are sensitive to colours in food.)

- We only use imported colours and lustres. It contains additives which are usually harmless, but on very rare occasions, as with any food item, can cause allergic reactions. It is usually used on items that can be removed, for example dried sugar items/ outer sugar paste etc.. If you have doubts, please remove the item before consuming.





否則可選擇先付訂金以預留日子, 稍後再安排款式. 

不同的訂製項目及數量, 訂金數目將會不同. 


(項目指: 結婚蛋糕/ 派對蛋糕 需要之層數, 杯子蛋糕/cakepops/曲奇之數量 等等)






但可提早詢問, 視乎當日的訂單量以考慮安排.


收取訂金後, 本店將按訂單內容為你預留日子


如有需要, 請提供有關的場地裝飾/stationary design/心儀蛋糕款式等資料以配合設計.


所有有關款項(全數/尾數或訂金)需於發出帳單或付款備忘後3天內完成轉帳. 否則價格可能需要調整甚至訂單可能被取消而不另作通知


- 關於現有設計與新設計: 



現有設計因節省溝通及設計時間, 報價相對便宜, 可個別查詢報價.


若要求新設計, (急單不建議選擇新設計)

可先付該尺寸的蛋糕基本價格作訂金, 於設計完成後3天內再付清尾數確定訂單.

一般新設計只需要客人一次性的, 提供所有有關資料及任何心水/意見,

 (本店主要只做一貫的優雅風格, 若希望其他風格例如公仔, 人偶等款式, 請於下訂前與本店商討, 本店會就個別要求決定能否承接該訂單)


除特定要求外(需另收費用) 本店將不會提供任何設計稿(design sketch)

以盡量減低高昂時間成本下, 為你製造美麗的驚喜!


本店亦可按個別要求(需另收費用)提供1-3次設計稿(design sketch). ( 只適合4個月或以後的訂單) 

請盡量提供所有有關資料及任何心水/意見, 以便設計師作出設計.

設計稿之改變 次數 將影響報價, 



恕本店未能做到雙方滿意的設計, 本店將收取設計費$3000, 退回餘下訂金並取消訂單.

(因大家都是喜歡本店設計風格才會選擇本店, 因此此情況甚少發生, 請放心:) )











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