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Cakes by Angela, Photos by Jada Poon Photography 

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Hi Angela!
Thanks for the wonderful wedding cake!!! It was so beautiful and many of my guests said it tastes as good as how it looks!! Thank you so much!!!

Serene and Gerrard

Really THANK u do much for the wonderful amazing cake!!!!! Everyone's telling me its beautiful and yum! My frd got a box and put in a few slices to take home lol! I kept one for myself till the next morning and it's really yum! Two of my bride to be frds are asking for you lol! Thank you once again for ur effort and exquisite taste!

Jennifer and Eric


Dear Angela,
真係好多謝妳! 有左妳個蛋糕, 件事變得更完美 <3 
對新人都好驚喜呀! 我都好開心d朋友仔姊妹團都爭住食 笑死我 :D 個個都讃好靚呀好好味呀! 嗰個moment我諗 結婚蛋糕係婚禮其實真係要有架! Share love and happiness!

Prima for friend


“​Hello Angela, 
Thank you very much! The cake is gorgeous. I still haven't had the chance to taste it but I think they left us a chunk.  I am sure it's very good.”

Julia and Kenn



“​My heartfelt thank you to you, Angela! This was so beautiful! Many guests loved the candy corner that night! They told me that are the best cupcakes they have ever tried (too bad I did not have a chance to try the edibles!).
Many people commended on your works. They told me the cupcakes taste so good! The candy corner is cleared in an hour!
That day was like a dream to me! Thanks for making my candy corner so magical” (combined messages)

Lissa and Alvin



Thank you Angela for such a beautiful cake  guests thought it was dummy cake  perhaps it was so wonderfully rounded in its perfect shape. I've received so much compliments from guests... They say the cake is very delicious 😋 and i agree! Thank you so so much”

Cherry and John



Hi Angela, many many many thanks on 24/12~Even my wedding dinner is a very small and simple one~Your cake and dessert package makes my dinner more warm^^ everyone really like it~not even extremely beautiful, it's really delicious~(雖然都係唔太捨得食~真係太靚了!)辛苦晒!”

Winki and Jay



Thanks! The cake was adorable and really yummy. If you can send me the photos too it would be great! Such great memories! Best, Lorraine”

Lorraine for her baby



“Dear Angela,
Just wanna say the cake is amazing!! We love it sooooo much :)
Really thanks !would definitely choose your cake for future events ^^~”

Christie for her baby



“Thanks, Angela!
The cake was perfect and our guests love it so much!
Thank you very much for your help!

Tina and Nam



“Thank you very much for preparing the cakes & setting up the cake table for me yesterday.
They look gorgeous & taste excellent!!
Million thanks!”

Elim and K.K.



“Thank you so so so much,big surprise to my husband! Thz!Angela,i o u…”

Audrey Lee



The cake is so beautiful and my whole family love it so much.  Thank you very much!”

Iris Chan for her baby



i'm so lucky to hav u and hot kisser to do my wedding. It's all much better than what i expected. heart.”

Carmen and M




“The cakes are so beautiful and won lots of "wow"!! 
They add colors to our party and the decoration and your work so delicate, super love them and U of coz!! 
Thanks again! Will come back again!
PS: attached ur masterpiece (′▽`〃)”




“Dear Angela,
Hi!  I would like to tell you that the birthday cake is wonderful and taste good.
My daughter likes it very much.  All of us and guests were cheered by it.
Thank you for your great job!”

Mrs Poon



 真係好靚, 有我最愛的lace, 謝謝你~ >3< 你要加油呀! :D”

Sze for her baby



亦因為太多件嘅關係,自己食唔晒,所以太座拎返公司請佢啲同事食。佢班同事食完個個大讚,仲要我幫佢搵資料,再訂蛋糕! 萬分感激。”

Andy Chris




“Thank you so much! All my guest took it within seconds”

Yasmin Chir



“Thanks for the pretty cup cakes, my friend like them very much!! And the taste are very very good too!! 
The pink and pale grey color tone of the cup cakes are very nice, my friend love this color tone very much! 
Thanks for lighting up my friend's birthday!! Hope to see more beautiful artwork from you next time!”

Johnny Lee



Really wanna personally say thank you so much for all the nice cakes that you have done.”

Wing Chung



“哇, 隻熊仔正正係我想像中咁樣,hehe 你要記住隻熊熊呀,百日宴曲奇靠你了
今日又拎左幾個比同事食, 我同事都大讚!!! (佢話佢平時唔會食面既糖霜, 但係佢話因為你整果個唔太甜, 所以佢食哂, 同埋佢讚你既cake, 好香茶味, haha 証明你冇偷工減料,haha)”

Sze for baby in her tummy



“Hello Angela, Thanks so much for the cake! It's DIVINE! The sugar art dolls look incredible (i'll keep them in my fridge for a long long time!) and the i love the shades of blues and yellow. The cake itself is so delicious too and surprisingly moist!! A friendly suggestion thou is perhaps you can make the cake's cardboard base a bit bigger next time - so that whoever was carrying it can have a better hold/ a bit more balance. Thanks again for a beautiful cake.. I'll definitely come back for more”

Melanie for her baby


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